Can We Use Abandoned Trademark: Understanding the Legal Implications

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You must be thinking: “If a trademark is abandoned, can I use it? There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on multiple factors.  Using an abandoned trademark may seem complicated, but once you have a complete understanding of what abandoned trademarks are, their potential risks, legal aspects, and implications, you can […]

How to Transfer Trademark Ownership: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The last thing you want, as a business owner or entrepreneur, is to find yourself remaking or editing the transfer trademark ownership agreement repeatedly. It’s a meticulous task, and even a tiny oversight can lead to legal complications.  However, with the right knowledge and guidance, navigating the process and successfully transferring trademark ownership can become […]

What Is Patent Specification and How to Write It?

A patent specification will shape the destiny of your invention, determining if it will achieve recognition or fade into anonymity. Therefore, any ambiguity or insufficiency while writing it can put you at risk of losing the grant. It’s understandable how challenging it can get to write the specification document with all its legal and technical […]

How to Trademark a Clothing Brand: Key Steps and Considerations

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If you are embarking on your clothing venture, securing a trademark for your brand name and logo is essential. Your brand elements are susceptible to counterfeiting and theft without proper trademark protection. Trademarking, however, can be a complex process; without the right knowledge, it’s easy to get lost. This article aims to provide you with […]

Can You Patent Software? A Guide to Navigating Software Patents


Although there is a lot of ambiguity around computer-based patents, software-related inventions can certainly be patented if they meet the eligibility criteria. For instance, if your software is useful and novel in one way or another or it improves computer performance or overall efficiency, it can be patent protected.  In short, your invention must be […]

Startup Patent Attorney: Choosing the Right Legal Expert for Your Innovation

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Managing a new business can be overwhelming. With so much in to-dos, we often overlook the essential aspect of the startup, i.e., getting a patent for your intellectual property. Your innovation is your startup’s core, and without legal protection, it is vulnerable to theft and infringements. A startup patent attorney may help you secure your […]

Provisional Vs. Non-Provisional Patent: What’s the Difference?

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Filing for a patent application process can be overwhelming, but understanding the difference between provisional and non-provisional patent would be your key to securing your unique idea. As a business owner or an inventor, your primary concern should be to protect your intellectual property. To decide whether to apply for a provisional or non-provisional patent, […]