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International Trademark Renewal

Trademarks last for 10 years in almost all countries, with few countries having less than 10 years of the expiration date. To get a trademark renewal with Trademark International, you need to fill out a simple form.

International Trademark Annuities can be complicated, but Trademark International helps you renew your trademark with ease. We also keep you updated on your trademark’s timeline, informing you when the expiration date is near so that we can do what’s necessary for you. Renewal is not free, though – to renew a trademark, legal/government fees are incurred. If you renew your trademark in another country, attorney’s fee might also be charged. If there are additional classes that you need to add, additional fee might be added according to the classes added.

Many people get confused with International trademark annuities and the different procedures leading them to often mistake filing with renewal. Filing is relatively a lengthier procedure because you have to put in everything from the start, including the trademark type and class(es) etc. renewal on the other hand is relatively a quicker process because the details regarding the trademark is originally present, cutting the registration time. Our attorneys will guide you through the entire process

What's Important?

Importance of International Trademark Renewal

It is important to keep your intellectual property protected at all cost. By registering a trademark, you get loads of advantages and legal protection against infringements, but all of this expires with your trademark’s expiration, unless you are a world-renowned brand.. To have continued rights related to your trademark, it is important to renew your trademark before the expiration. Once the trademark expires, you will lose all your trademark protection and exclusive rights, and a competitor might take advantage of that.

Many businesses think that if their trademark has been around for many years, competitors might not be on the lookout and they will remain protected even if they are not protected by law anymore. This is a mistake, one that can turn out to be fatal. Even if you think your trademark is not being noticed, if you delay the renewal, competitors may take advantage of the delay and register the goods and services that are similar or identical to yours, under their own business name.

It is always beneficial to get a renewal done to keep the brand image up to the mark. If your business used the symbol ™ alongside its name, it must keep it like that so that it can retain its brand image and goodwill otherwise customers would become skeptical of using the business’s goods and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each country has its own application and renewal cost. In the US, trademark lasts for 10 years after which it has to be renewed. In the US, you have to file a Declaration of Use after 5 years of trademark registration. If the trademark is renewed before the grace period, it costs around $550 per class.

No, you do not have to file another application if you are renewing your application before the due date. However, if you go past the deadline and then try to renew your registration, you would have to file a new application to register the trademark again.

After you submit the necessary documents, the USPTO verifies your documents. Depending on the renewal applications already submitted to the USPTO, the time it takes to renew varies. Usually, after your documents are verified, it can take between a few days and a couple of weeks.

Yes, you can make changes to the application before renewing it. This includes changing the address, name, representative. You can also add/remove class(es).

If you fail to get your trademark renewed then your registration will be canceled. You would have to file a new application for your trademark and if someone else has an identical or similar trademark, they have an opportunity to get their trademark registered. 

Procedures differ across countries. In the US, you can renew your trademark online through USPTO. You can fill the form over the website and pay the fees/add credit card information. Your registration will automatically be renewed. 

To renew your trademark registration in the US, you will need to submit a signed declaration of use along with one specimen for each class of goods or services.