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Trademark Search

The time taken for the trademark search usually depends on how deep you are searching the internet for information. Apart from your own search, you can opt for our basic and extensive search services. There are several other factors that affect the time taken to conduct a search including; geographical scope, nature of the trademark etc. 

The basic search will cost you around $100-150. Our extensive search’s cost depends on the entire scope. Generally, the cost ranges from $450-550. 

Even though it is not mandatory to conduct a search for each and every country, in fact not even for a single country, it is advisable to do so. It is always in your best interest to conduct a trademark search to ascertain your trademark’s acceptance.   

No, you do not need any documents to get a trademark search done but you will need to provide information regarding your trademark (type, class etc.)

Think of the normal search as going through the first few pages of a book, whereas an extensive search is going through the entire book and giving it your undivided attention.  

Yes, it is. Even though you can register your trademark without a search, the possibility of your trademark application getting rejected in the first place increases fourfold.  

With the help of a trademark search, you make sure that your trademark is not already registered or if there are similar trademarks registered. Through a search, you can also understand the possible reasons why similar or identical trademarks got rejected.

This will help you make your trademark application stronger, making sure your trademark gets registered.

Trademark Filing

The process for registering a trademark varies from country to country. To file for a trademark in the US, you can file an online application with the USPTO. The USPTO entertains two types of applications: ‘In-use’ and ‘Intent to use’. The online application is known as Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).

Just like every country has its own registration process, the cost varies as well. Depending on the legal fees and the length of the process, the cost can go up or down. In the US, the price of registering a trademark ranges from $500 to $3000.

You need to file an application which should contain: your name and address, if it’s a business then the type of legal entity it is, details of the trademark, list of goods and services, the details of the class(es). 

Yes, you can file for both: a local and an international trademark. Some countries entertain a single application to register a trademark locally as well as internationally. 

Yes. It is possible to register a trademark in multiple countries with a single application but it depends on which union the country is part of. You can do this through the Madrid Protocol or EUIPO. 

Countries have different laws regarding what can be registered as a trademark. In the US, the types of trademarks that can be registered are slogans, shapes, names, phrases words, images, 3D shapes, holograms, smells, and colors.

Trademark Annuities / Renewals

Each country has its own application and renewal cost. In the US, trademark lasts for 10 years after which it has to be renewed. In the US, you have to file a Declaration of Use after 5 years of trademark registration. If the trademark is renewed before the grace period, it costs around $550 per class.

No, you do not have to file another application if you are renewing your application before the due date. However, if you go past the deadline and then try to renew your registration, you would have to file a new application to register the trademark again.

After you submit the necessary documents, the USPTO verifies your documents. Depending on the renewal applications already submitted to the USPTO, the time it takes to renew varies. Usually, after your documents are verified, it can take between a few days and a couple of weeks.

Yes, you can make changes to the application before renewing it. This includes changing the address, name, representative. You can also add/remove class(es).

If you fail to get your trademark renewed then your registration will be canceled. You would have to file a new application for your trademark and if someone else has an identical or similar trademark, they have an opportunity to get their trademark registered. 

Procedures differ across countries. In the US, you can renew your trademark online through USPTO. You can fill the form over the website and pay the fees/add credit card information. Your registration will automatically be renewed. 

To renew your trademark registration in the US, you will need to submit a signed declaration of use along with one specimen for each class of goods or services.