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International Trademark Search

At Trademark International, we understand the importance of a proper search. Most of the people get confused and don’t understand in which class(es) their trademark falls under thus fail to file correct application.

You don’t have to be confused; you can trust Trademark International to determine appropriate class for your products. Apart from our primary search, in which we offer search for similar or identical marks in over 30+ countries and provide you a report on your trademark, we also offer extended search service in which we conduct thorough trademark search for similar and identical trademarks in over 50+ countries and provide you with an analysis on how registrable your trademark actually is along with recommendations from our attorneys and providing you a probability on how registrable your trademark actually is.

Most people are not aware that even if the trademark is registered in one country does not necessarily mean it can be registered in another country, because each country has its own process and legislation with exception of international agreements. This makes it all the more important to conduct a trademark search before filing an application, destroying the chances of getting your trademark rejected on the basis of identical trademarks.

A thorough search also helps in understanding why a trademark was refused registration, helping you reinforce your application accordingly. Trademark search is not an expensive thing to do considering the fact that it provides various benefits to the trademark owner. In most cases, trademark search is only needed to be done once while the advantages spread over a longer period of time! This is why a trademark search is vital, its simple yet very beneficial, proving to be effective every time.

What's Important?

Importance of International Trademark Search

International trademark search is vital for a trademark registration; it provides an insight on what can be registered and what not. Keep in mind that not every trademark is registrable. There are many reasons for a trademark to be denied registration, and these reasons can differ from one country to another. Trademark International goes through each trademark to check any trademark that is potentially similar or identical to prevent rejections while also working on the probabilities of your trademark being registered. This will enable you to understand your trademark’s reach in a better way.

If a prior search is not done which results in your application getting rejected, it will only cost you more money to re-do the application process and eventually waste more time. During this period, it is possible that more people file their applications thus your application goes further down the queue, delaying your business to avail trade opportunities in another country.

Even if one does not want to get their trademark registered right away, a search will give them enough information about different types of trademarks in countries of their interests and help them on how to go about filing an application, while even helping them understand when to file an application.

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Our services are top notch and we never compromise on the quality and deliverance. Use our search services now and discover your trademark’s reach!

Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken for the trademark search usually depends on how deep you are searching the internet for information. Apart from your own search, you can opt for our basic and extensive search services. There are several other factors that affect the time taken to conduct a search including; geographical scope, nature of the trademark etc. 

The basic search will cost you around $100-150. Our extensive search’s cost depends on the entire scope. Generally, the cost ranges from $450-550. 

Even though it is not mandatory to conduct a search for each and every country, in fact not even for a single country, it is advisable to do so. It is always in your best interest to conduct a trademark search to ascertain your trademark’s acceptance.   

No, you do not need any documents to get a trademark search done but you will need to provide information regarding your trademark (type, class etc.)

Think of the normal search as going through the first few pages of a book, whereas an extensive search is going through the entire book and giving it your undivided attention.  

Yes, it is. Even though you can register your trademark without a search, the possibility of your trademark application getting rejected in the first place increases fourfold.  

With the help of a trademark search, you make sure that your trademark is not already registered or if there are similar trademarks registered. Through a search, you can also understand the possible reasons why similar or identical trademarks got rejected.

This will help you make your trademark application stronger, making sure your trademark gets registered.