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PI+ & TI+

Introducing the most cutting edge foreign filing application software with PI+ & TI+

Welcome to PI+/TI+, the world’s best online patent & trademark and trademark filing & management application. Our easy-to-use software makes filing international patent & trademarks a breeze. Leverage our discounted rates to make foreign filing easier and more affordable than ever before. Protect your intellectual property with PI+/TI+ and rest easy knowing that your valuable ideas are safe. We offer a fully transparent filing process, so you can always track the status of your applications. With PI+/TI+, there’s no need to worry about losing your hard-earned patent & trademarks and trademarks.

PI+ & TI+

Easy to use intellectual property docketing web app

Looking for an easy, intuitive way to file patent & trademarks in multiple countries? Look no further than PI+/TI+. Our easy-to-use platform makes patent & trademark filing quick and painless. And because we know that every patent & trademark filing is unique, we’ve made PI+/TI+ customizable to your specific needs.

PI+ & TI+

Your one-stop-shop for filing patents & trademarks around the world

Our innovative platform makes it easy and affordable to register patents & trademarks in multiple countries, so you can protect your intellectual property on a global scale. With our cloud services, expedited translations, and global network of foreign partners, we are your one-stop shop for filing patent & trademarks around the world.

PI+ & TI+

Keep track throughout the whole patent & trademarking process.

Time is money, and with our PI+/TI+ timeline view, you can save both! Easily see the full foreign filing process from start to completion so you can make the most of your time – and your money. PI+/TI+ is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes who want to safeguard their ideas and inventions. We take the hassle out of patent & trademark registration so you can focus on what you do best – innovating and creating!


For Law Firms

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